What Business Owners Should Expect From SEO in 2013

It’s that time of the year again! It’s time to make SEO predictions for 2013! It’s only January 2013 and we have 12 months of 2012 behind us, all analyzed inside-out. Let’s start predicting what kind of SEO news are coming our way, shall we?

Not all of the Rand Fishkin’s predictions came true in 2011 and 2012, but it doesn’t mean you should not pay attentions to his 10 Predictions for Inbound Marketing in 2013. Hope every point will score +2 in 2013 :)  I am highly recommending to read full article, it is great and has some interesting points:

#1: None of the potential threats to Google’s domination of search will make even a tiny dent.

#2: “Inbound marketing” will be in more titles & job profiles as “SEO” becomes too limiting for many professionals.

#3: More websites will move away from Google Analytics as the only provider of web visitor tracking.

#4: Google+ will continue to grow in 2013, but much more slowly than in 2012.

#5: App store search will remain largely ignored by marketers (for lots of defensible reasons).

#6: Facebook (and maybe Twitter, too) will make substantive efforts to expose new, meaningful data to brands that let them better track the ROI of both advertising and organic participation.

#7: Google will introduce more protocols like the meta keywords for Google News, rel author for publishers, etc.

#8: The social media tool market will continue a trend of consolidation and shrinkage.

#9: Co-occurrence of brands/websites and keyword terms/phrases will be proven to have an impact on search engine rankings through correlation data, specific experiments, and/or both.

#10: We’ll witness a major transaction (or two) in the inbound marketing field, potentially rivaling the iCrossing acquisition in size and scope.”


Interesting article from AJ Kumar in Entrepreneur:

Despite Google’s secrecy, I’m comfortable making a few predictions about the relative importance of certain elements in the field of digital marketing. Specifically, I believe:

• ‘Structured data’ will play an increasingly important role in SEO. Structured data, or “microdata,” is a special mark up language that websites can use to provide additional information about their content to the search engines. Given that Google has relatively few indicators to objectively assess quality and given how much it has been pushing the adoption of this system, I believe schema.org microdata and other forms of structured mark up will become even more important to website performance in the natural search results. 
• Good content marketing will become a more accessible path to website success.To be clear, “good” content marketing doesn’t involve spamming sites with fake guest posts or distributing infographics simply because they’re popular. Instead, valuable content on topics readers care about is what will help websites increase their inbound backlinks, brand reputation and referral traffic naturally. This will lead to success in the search engine results with much less effort than traditional SEO techniques.
• Data-driven marketing techniques will drive out intuitive promotions. “Big data” was one of the hottest digital marketing buzzwords in 2012. Because the amount of information marketers have access to is only going to increase, it’s wise to assume that data-driven decisions will become even more important to marketers this year.”

Just in case you don’t like to read ( as most of us :), check out this SEO Predictions for 2013 Infographic from imFORZA team. Images, colors, icons – oh my! ( you can clearly see I love infographics) :


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