Get The Most Out of Facebook Marketing

In the world of social media, you can either sink or swim with the noise. Most of us have a social media page of some sort. The most popularly used one being Facebook! With over 936 million, daily, active users, it is easy to see how Facebook is one of the most attractive tools to boost your business. Lots of Facebook pages are created just for the sake of being out there which does nothing for your company.


Here are some tips to boost your social media presence

Exclusive offers

Visitors are more likely to keep coming back when you offer them special giveaways and special offers. The more exclusive the offer, the more they don’t want to miss out.

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To make the offer unique, you can call for an expiry date or make it specific to only those who like your page. If you already have lots of engagement on your page – try expiration time of 2 hours. Play around with the offer expiry date, but start with a 24-hour time frame and see how that works for you. Get people involved in your offer by asking them to participate! You can also ask for people to vote for a winner among submissions of your fans – Example, vote for the best photo of your product or a selfie with your product.

Other social media pages

With Facebook, you can even add interactive media tabs. This gives your fans another avenue to connect on you other social media channels like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Cross-promoting to your Facebook visitors helps show your growing community. People want to belong to a community that is exciting and involving.  By integrating social media platforms such as YouTube or Instagram directly to Facebook business page, you can increase engagement and have more visual interest on your page.

Call-to-action button

Check your Facebook page’s header, where you can have a call-to-action button. If Facebook has enabled it, you will see the button “Create Call to Action” on the bottom right of your page header.

Page admins can select from a group of call-to-action buttons — like Shop Now or Sign Up — to add to the top of their Page. Check out all of the seven calls to action below:

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

Run a contest

A contest is a chance to showcase your product and market yourself. Publish it and run a caption contest to keep fans entertained and attract new people to your page. Contests don’t have to usually result in financial reward, but if you are willing to offer a discount or promotion, that can spike an interest and boost your engagement.

Be friends with other Facebook pages

Go ahead and do some spying. It’s not a crime to see how successful pages run their day-to-day posts. It’s a great way to learn what works and what doesn’t. By liking other Pages you see not only what the brands focus on and what they post on the their Timeline, but you also get the chance to interact with the Page, and their audience by commenting on the posts or saying something on their wall.

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By interacting with Pages on a regular basis you can expand your community and attract new followers, which potentially might lead to finding new business opportunities.

Don’t forget about milestones.

Let your fans know what is going on with your page so they feel part of your community. Keep in mind couple things:

  • Milestone posts are automatically posted in the expanded view on your Timeline wall and are visible by default to everyone
  • You do get an option to “Hide from News Feed” any new milestones that are being added.
  • If you choose to upload an image that goes along with your milestone, these photos should fit the following dimensions: 843 pixels wide x 403 pixels tall space.

Milestones are a great way to tell the story of your business through words and images. You can make them appear anywhere on your Timeline, depending on the date you pick.

Did you just launched a new product or have a new even coming up? Why not to create a milestone around it and encourage your fans to click on a link, so they can learn more about it.

Custom tab

The more interactive your Facebook page can be, the more your visitors want to spend time exploring. Tab option gives you a way to showcase custom content alongside the default tabs such as About and Likes, and any apps you may have already added to your page.

No one likes to come to a party where everyone is sitting down staring at the paint dry! Spruce up your Facebook by using the tab feature. Custom tabs play a big role in your social media marketing strategy because they let you create a much better user experience on Facebook and control the content your followers and visitors see.

Keep in mind, custom tabs are tabs created by a third-party developers, and not Facebook. Here are some good examples:

TabSite – contest apps, coupon apps, photo and video apps, social apps.

ShortStack – nice ready-made templates and themes with drag-and-drop functions.


Are you using any of those features? Let us know which work for you best :)