Why You Need To Have A Web Presence

In total there are 2 billion global internet users, in North America alone there are over 250 million people online, meaning it is a huge market just waiting to be tapped into. It does not matter if you are a shop keeper or a hair dresser in a competitive market or a quiet niche, having a web presence for your business is vital for growth and success, but why?

Offline business relies on customers finding you by walking into your store by chance, finding your phone number and ringing you up or just by word of mouth, in other words the buyer always comes to you and it’s never as straight forward for the potential purchaser as you’d want it to be.
Online businesses can simply target customers by posting on forums or chat rooms related to their business, it’s simple, easy and highly targeted, oh and it’s 100% free.

Another reason why you should have a web presence is for the simple ease of communication with passing clients. Instead of telling them your businesses actual address, you can just tell them your website’s address, it is a lot more modern and a lot easier.
The main advantage of having a web presence is the sheer number of clients and customers you can connect with, conventional offline businesses can only makes sales for their products or services from their local customer base.

A website can connect with people from all four corners of the world, meaning you can reach millions of people instantly. It’s simple business; more customers means a lot more sales, which can only ever be a good thing.
If your business still doesn’t have a web presence then it’s down to either two things, you think you don’t need a site online or you don’t know how to set up a website. Both schools of thought are blocking you from reaping huge rewards by marketing your business online.
In New York there are hundreds of web design companies that can cater for your online needs, so many in fact that it’s extremely hard to find the right one suited to your business.

It doesn’t matter if you live in the centre of New York or Stamford, CT, you can always find the designer perfectly suited to your business, whether it’s a local or non-local designer.
With a local web designer, they will be able to build a web presence whilst informed on the local area so they make the site feel authentic and genuine. However a non-local designer can bring in creativity and originality that could separate you from other generic local businesses.
At New Dynamic Media, we recently designed a website for a small construction business that still didn’t have a web presence after years of trade. Once their website was up and running they were able to network more effectively and efficiently with clients. They have since seen noticeable improvements in gaining clients and an increase profits.
Don’t let customers and sales slip through your fingers, get a web presence today.